Various - Never Mind the Nostalgia, Here's Some DIY LP Vinyl


A1 Andy Carrington– Music Snob (Fuck You)
A2 Bloodington– Anti-Chart Boys
A3 Bloodington– Slimeball Suzie
A4 The Crash Landings– Billy's Got Tourettes
A5 The Commited – Fuck Conscription
A6 Stem Cell Messiah– Below The Line
A7 4 Past Midnight– Nothing Has Changed
A8 20 Days Dull– Last Chance
A9 Jesus Hooligan– Woman / Girl
A10 Burnt Cross– Don't Believe
A11 Russ Crimewave– Fit For Work
A12 Bloodington– You Always Do It!
A13 Snide – Invisible
A14 The Tickturds– D.I.Y.
B1 Beana– Wake Up
B2 Sanction This– Uno [Subject To No One]
B3 Rich Gulag– Working Class Genocide
B4 Death Zone– And The World Keeps Turning
B5 The Carbon Manual– And In That Dream
B6 Declaration Of War– Numb
B7 Charles Brigade– Odio I Crass
B8 Deadflowers– Putting The Move On
B9 Surgery Without Research– Pig Government
B10 Punka – Biff
B11 Dekadance – All About You
B12 Unknown Artist– Ode To DHT