Various - Noise Annoys 2 7" CC7-004


Our second compilation 7" and again 6 more bands with a song each. 5 of which are exclusive to the compilation - you will not hear them anywhere else than here!

The release is pressed up in nice random colour, complete with 6-panel wrap-around poster and insert cover so you can place your favourite band to the front. The main colour is a grey but each one has flecks of different colours within. They call this the "random mix" or "eco mix" and we love it! Why have plain old black when you can get this eh?

Sanction This - All In A Day's Work [EXCLISIVE]
Pro Patria Mori - I Am The War [EXCLUSIVE]
Bastard Face - Demon Inside [EXCLUSIVE]
Civilised Society? - Burn Your Eyes [EXCLUSIVE]
Insurrection - Human Waste
Decontrol - Jeremy Hunt [EXCLUSIVE]