Born Shit Stirrers - Lester LP CC12-003


For all that punk and underground music pride themselves on their ability to offend, on-stage ferocity often hides a scene full of suck-ups, tiptoeing around the sensibilities of seniors and scene-faces. Formed in Fukuoka in 2016 and armed only with the first four Lookout! Records E.P’s, Born Shit Stirrers are a harsh dose of bitter medicine, chucking sub-one-minute fragmentation bombs packed with sarcastic barbs into the heart of the squalid basement layer of Japanese life.

Salarymen, coworkers, humourless mods, their own miserable lives, and the petty pretensions and prejudices of their local music scene — "Born Shit Stirrers take aim at them all in often brutally specific ways, laced with sharp, dark, often self-deprecating humour."

Following on from 2019 album "Pure Shite"...BORN SHIT STIRRERS return with their new album "LESTER".....short sharp catchy uncompromising two fingers in yer face punk.

Co-operatively released with Serial Bowl Records.

Pink vinyl and comes complete with lyric sheet and poster.


1. John The Con 00:30
2. Bored Of Education 00:25
3. Politically Uncorrectable 00:35
4. Two Minutes Back In Hartlepool 00:38
5. Cup Ramen Poison 00:54
6. Alcohol Abuse 2:10
7. Cuntroach 00:15
8. Service With A Sigh 01:37
9. Two Faced Cunt 01:08
10. We Get It Already Your're Vegan Straight Edge 01:31
11. Juns's On Poppers 00:05
12. Old Punks Are Old Cunts 00:21
13. The Tide Is High (And So Am I) 00:52
14. Marked Safe Pricks 00:46
15. Passive Aggressive II 01:37
16. Look Mam No Bands 01:03
17. Smash Your Smartphone 01:54
18. Fuck My Fucking Life 00:34
19. The Worm 00:27
20. Paper Cut The Printer Cunt (To Death) 00:17
21. Kurosaki 02:04
22. Quack Like A Duck (GOAT AND YOUR MOM) 02:53