Winds Of Genocide - Usurping The Throne Of Disease LP CC12-005


Released on CD originally, Winds Of Genocide's debut full-length album gave its listeners a true slap in the face. Raging blackened crust howling through the speakers, this release sees it given the vinyl treatment for the very first time. Remastered by Northern Mastering Company, it's never sounded as good as it does now!

Artwork remastered and layout set out ready for the LP format, this album comes pressed in heavyweight bone white vinyl and comes complete with lyric sheet insert, A2 poster, digital download code AND two replica gig flyers.

Limited run - get them while you can!

Track List:
A1 The Howling Wolves Of Armageddon 3:05
A2 Deathstrike Of The Scythe 3:05
A3 Venomous Warfare 3:51
A4 In The Darkness Of Eternal Nuclear Winter 3:30
B1 Usurping The Throne Of Disease 5:45
B2 Millions Lies Slaughtered 4:34
B3 Till Graven 1:22
B4 Mass Graves Of The Innocent 3:06
B5 Swathed By The Black Wings Of Death 4:26