Energetic Krusher - Path To Oblivion LP CC12-003


Before Hellkrusher there was... Energetic Krusher! Relentless thrash metal classic from South Shields!

Released originally in 1989, "Path To Oblivion" sold out very quickly and was never released on vinyl again... until now!

It's been given a loving remaster by Northern Mastering Company, bringing out that in-your-face sound from back then right into modern times.

Pressed onto red/yellow splatter heavyweight vinyl (as it's needed to contain this beast of a recording), the album comes with a download voucher and a newly-updated insert that has all of the original content PLUS a new photo collage of the band in action!

The first 100 orders also get 4 free gifts:
1 - a replica of the original "DEMO 001" cassette inlay and
2 - a replica copy of the 16-page "Yukk" comic the band produced - it's a close-to-the-knuckle satire in the style of Viz and pulls no punches!
3 - Energetic Krusher logo sticker
4 - Energetic Krusher logo 1" badge/pin